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Just sitting here...

...looking at the middle of the egg colony. Yep. Awesome.

Music is annoying too.

MrRandomist responds:

sorry about that, update is in review right now should be fixed in the next 24/48 hours!


Decent game. Would've liked to have seen sector choice screen instead of cycling through the 5, as well as a way to move the screen around the map to see exactly where you need to shoot.

That, and I earned all 50 awards but it didn't give me the achievement. :/

Cool story bro


Protip: If you don't want to watch your family members die, spend time with them when your boss tells you to on the roof, then sleep with the co-worker the next day. When you come home, you wife will take your kid to her parents. Everybody still dies, but at least you don't have to witness your family die.

And you get laid twice!

Greatest. Game. Evar.

Mindlessly entertaining. I've been playing this more than Reach over the past 2 weeks. Future Character suggestions (haven't read any comments so I don't know if these have been suggested before): razor scooter teen, little girl on a bike, lesbian biker chick, dork on a moped, future dood on hoverboard, unicycle guy, old school dude on one of those old school bikes w/a huge front wheel (must have a monocle and pipe), ATV guy, roman chariot guy, bumper car guy, Santa & sleigh, office worker in high-back office chair, one of those multi-bikes (3 people), chinese taxi guy & passenger, clown on a tiny bike, king on a throne, black guy on a ridiculously 'tricked out' chopper-style bicycle, a mutant hamster in a wheel, organ transplant delivery guy, pizza delivery guy, fugitive on the run, trashy prostitute, soccer mom, Jesus.

Sorry, but have to give the goose egg.

The controls are *very* loose, the music choice is atrocious, and the game can't even be completed. As has been mentioned, lvl 15 doesn't even work. I can tell a lot of time has been put into this, but it's all for naught if the game is unplayable (which this is).

Nice concept & good effort, but....

The music got irritating very quickly. Also, the first dozen levels or so are the hardest; after that,, it just gets infinitely easier (hence how I was able to double the previous high score in under an hour).

There is a set number of unique tiles, and after that the game just puts in more gray dragon tiles. The time increases for each new level, as does the points for each matching pair. But when 80% of the tiles are the gray dragons, you have all the time in the world to find the rest of the matches, and it turns into an unending game of easy points.

Addicting at first...

But now I beat it, I'm like meh. Very clean, professional game. Grats on making the frontpage!


Indeed. :)

Where's my pants?

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